So I know that I haven’t been on in a while and I am sorry. Life got interesting and messy fast when I was gone. The one thing that I would like to talk about today though is decisions. I feel the weight of them every day. How will this decision affect me 10 years from now? I think the worst part of being in the world that we are in today is that every decision that you make can affect you in the future. An essay can affect a grade and a grade can affect passing or failing. It’s funny how we worry how we may mess up in life instead of worrying what we won’t. We always look for where we will fail but never where we might succeed.

How as people, we are expected to succeed and do great things in life. How people have it all planned out for you never wondering what you really want. Sometimes I think it’s because they want what you yourself have. A fresh page. The opportunity to learn from your mistakes and take life one day at a time. But I guess that we will never know.


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