United for the Win. Way to Go Guys…

Okay guys, so this blog was supposed to be about immigration. However, something happened in the last couple of days that I don’t think we can ignore. Let’s talk about the 69-year-old man who was forcefully removed from a United flight. I mean, come on guys really? Not only is your PR (public relations) not looking too good, but neither is your stock. This is going to stick with United for a long time. The poor guy was almost 70 for crying out loud! Also, just the fact of bumping four of your customers because some of your own employees need a free ride is just wrong. Everyone knows that in the business world it’s your customers first. Not only did United break the major business rule of thumb, but they did it in a bloody way.

Three out of the four passengers left with no disruptions, but the fourth one who is causing twitter to loose its mind is known as David Dao. Dao is a doctor who was taking a flight from Chicago to Louisville, a normal thing to do. What he didn’t expect was to practically get beaten by officials before the plane had even left Chicago. The reason why he didn’t leave was because he claimed he had to take the flight that day to see patients on Monday. With that being said, he was dragged off bloody and unconscious.

Taking a moment to not be serious here, can we just appreciate Jimmy Kimmel for taking this horrendous act and made it was humorous? Let’s not forget about all of the epic memes that are starting to pop up on twitter about this. Some of those make you wonder how bad of a person we are for laughing at them.

But seriously, is this how we treat our elderly people? By knocking them unconscious and giving them a bloody nose when they don’t want them to do something that we tell them too. I am disappointed in our society. How are we supposed to look up to the generation of our parents when they beat the elderly? We can’t look up to the elderly because they are getting beaten! There are not many things that can make me mad but this is one of them. How could you even live with yourself if you did this to someone? Not only that but he is still hospitalized!

What makes me even more upset was that United then tries to blame the passenger for all of this happening. Let’s do a quick review here United, you wanted to bump passengers so your employees could fly. Then, when a man refuses to give up his seat (sounds like rosa parks right here) you call the police. Then the police and airport security literally dragged the man off bloody. With that being said, I’m pretty sure this mess was created by United for putting the own selfish needs of their company before their own customers.

Something needs to change. Whether it is don’t overbook flights in the future or to put customers first, something good needs to come out of this. Something like this should never ever happen again.

With all of that being said, let me know what you think about all of this craziness. Could something else have been done? How is Dao going to handle the situation? Email me at yavoice.blog@gmail.com or comment and let me know. Finally, always remember the new Southwest slogan, “we beat the competition not you” when booking your next flight. That’s all for today and I will talk to you all again on Friday!

Anatrella Smith


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