Politicians? Here We Go….

The good old original politicians guys, who loves them? I mean, they do have a daily impact on our lives. While there are some good politicians out there, we also have to question those whose beliefs and actions seem questionable. I’m not going to list any names because I personally think that it would kinda be mean since we are talking about politicians all over the globe and not just in one country. Anyways, back onto topic, so what do we all feel about politicians. First off, let’s talk about some of the crazy laws and bills that they make.

I know that some of the laws and bills that they pass actually make sense and have a purpose, and then there are some that are dumb and questionable. Like there is this one law in Ohio (I think, either here or Pennsylvania USA), where you can not go whale fishing on Sunday. I mean seriously? The only water anywhere near Ohio is the Ohio River and a couple of the great lakes and I KNOW that there are no whales there. I mean come on guys, let us be are smart here.

Then let’s not mention the fact on how they do some pretty dumb crap that usually gets the whole country in trouble. I mean, it’s the politicians who screwed up, so why does a country get stereotyped for the actions of their political leaders?

Honestly, politicians pretty much just make me upset with all of the crazy choices that they make. They always want to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. The other part is that you can never know who is trustworthy and who is not. It’s kind of hard for anyone to trust someone that you do not know. How do we know that they are actually looking out for our interest? There are still people out there that are just greedy for power and it makes you wonder who is that kind of person.

Then they argue about the stupid of things. They just give me a headache. Or how about the times that they get into trouble with the law. From fraud to sexual scandals, is there nothing that politicians haven’t done? So why do we still allow them to stand in the government on our behalf? Why are we growing up with these kind of people to look up to as role models?

So what can we do to prevent these kind of people out of power? Besides not voting for them. How do we get information about their possible devious tendencies before we go to the voting booth? How can you tell a good politician from a bad one?

Let me knew what your thoughts are by commenting or emailing at yavoice.blog@gmail.com. If I do a follow up on this I will be sure to put your thought and comments into it as well. What should I blog about next? Well, I’m thinking along the lines of immigration. Yes or No? If you have any suggestions let me know! Until next time.

Anatrella Smith



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