Modern Day Holy War.

Before I start today’s blog I would just like to say that I respect everyone and their beliefs no matter what their ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. is.

Everyone knows of the terrorist group called ISIS. No matter how much we try to deny it, we can hear something about them at least once every two days if not every day. It’s sad how we have become used to hearing their name on a daily basis. How have we allowed that to happen? No matter what country you come from, I am sure that you feel negativity towards this group. But what is the real purpose that is causing ISIS to fight and promote terror in countries across the globe? Let’s take a walk through history to the time of the holy wars. Could this be a modern day holy war that they are fighting?

I am not a religious professional and I do miss the morning news every once in a while, so please excuse any mistakes that I may make. But to my understanding, ISIS is an extremist Islamic terrorist group. Also, to my understanding, they have also been mostly targeting places of worship that are not Islamic, countries where Islam is not the main religion, and people and organizations who are not Islam. I have nothing against those who are Islamic, but I do have an issue with extreme Islamists who kill people who don’t have the same beliefs as them. With that being said, do we have on our hands another holy war? If we do, how do we deal with the situation without offending countries and people who are Islamic?

Religion is a touchy subject for people, especially when it comes to politics. So how do we fight a holy war (if it is one), the diplomatic and civilized way without discriminating toward the religion of Islam? That is the million dollar question. How do we fight a group that is basically a ghost? They are not a country, they are not a government, they don’t own land, they are basically a ghost. How does one punish a ghost? A ghost that we can not seem to be able to find to weaken We do not know who has been influenced by them. It could be our family, our friends, classmates, co-workers, a neighbor, or a peer. Mark Helprin once said that “the greatest fight is when you are fighting in the smoke and cannot see with your eyes.” This quote reflects on how the world is fighting terrorism and ISIS. We are fighting a battle in which we can not see. Therefore, we have two options, find out how to see through the smoke, or, find a way to fight using our other senses.

In our generation, we are living in a world where terror attacks are pretty much normal. How did our leaders of today allow this to happen and become “normal”? How can we as the future generation stop this disease of death from spreading? How can we make a world where our future children don’t have to live in fear of terrorist? Whatever government leaders do today may not affect them because they will be dead within the next twenty years or so? In the next twenty years, we will be in the prime age of our life. I always think its funny how old men and women are making bills and laws that will affect our future, yet we practically have no say in it. They always say “we want to hear your opinion.” Yeah right. If you ever wanted our opinion you would have given us the opportunity to share it with you long ago. It’s not like they have an email set up for us, and if they did, it would probably go straight to the trash.

So what are your ideas on how the world should fight ISIS? If it is a modern day holy war then how do we act upon that? How do you defeat a ghost? Email me or leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and opinions about this and I may do a follow-up article with your opinions. On the next blog, how do you feel about talking about the stuck up people who run our governments? That’s right, next time we will be discussing politicians guys and it should be interesting. Until next time.

Anatrella Smith



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