U.S. Involvement in Syria

We all know what happened in Syria over the past week. President Trump of the U.S. decided to bomb Syria after its supposed involvement of chemically gassing its citizens, killing a hundred and injuring hundreds more. So while some countries are supporting the U.S., others are remaining quite. Let’s not even go to the fact on how it will impact U.S. relations with Russia. I mean, come on guys lets get smart here. Was it morally right to do? Most likely yes. Seriously, we can’t just let innocent people get murdered here. On the other hand, did we break international law? Yes, most likely. But here are the real question guys, why is it always the U.S. doing something? No offense to other citizens of the world, but I personally feel as if the U.S. is always the ones to take action. So what’s the deal? The U.S. acts on a morally wrong action and all of the other leaders of the world say, “we support the U.S.” or “we agree with the U.S.”. Well, if you support and agree with us, then why don’t you act on things every once in a while? Germany is taking in thousands of immigrants from the middle east. Go, you guys! Trust me, I’m not just saying this because I am an American (wait until I bash my government next week).

Syria used a gas on its citizens called, Sarin. Now I’ve done some research on the gas and let me tell you, the gas used on those innocent people in Syria, did not give them a painless death. They suffered, and as they died, they did it while being watched by family members who were helpless to do anything. There is no antidote for the odorless and colorless gas, sarin. Remember the Russians that I mentioned earlier who are “buddy buddy” with Syria? I thought that they were supposed to make sure that Syria didn’t have any more chemical weapons. Did Russia know about the weapons or is Syria not as “buddy buddy” with Russia as we thought? Secrets end relationships guys. Besides that, the gas was outlawed long ago being labeled as a “weapon of mass destruction”. As a young person, I really do have to question the actions of the governments of the world, including my own. And like some of you out there, I too am waiting for WW3. At this point the only place that is safe for us is space. But I don’t think any of us are rich enough to afford a house in space (except maybe blondie trump).

As the future generation of the world, we should have a say in what they heck we think is wrong with this situation. So, let me ask you was it morally right what the U.S. did? Anyone from a different country than the U.S., what is your outlook on the entire situation? Could there have been a diplomatic way to solve this issue? And anyone who is as wealthy as Trump, will you take me with you to your space house when WW3 does happen? Email me at yavoice.blog@gmail.com with your answers, comments, and suggestions for next weeks blog.

Anatrella Smith



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